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We are a family owned and operated physiotherapy clinic. We believe physiotherapy should be experienced with health care providers who care and who will help you achieve your goals.

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Check out an article in the Barrie Today about why we started this new physiotherapy clinic and what we are striving to achieve here at Bergin Motion. Click here to read the article.

Features of our new state of the art facility in Barrie, ON

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Services We Offer

Physiotherapy is a branch of the health care system that takes an holistic approach to patient-centered treatment of physical injuries and illnesses. Physiotherapy encompasses physical rehabilitation, symptom and injury management, and health promotion.

Physiotherapists have a sound understanding of how the body works. They have comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills to assess, diagnose, educate, and treat various injuries and illnesses.

Simply put, physiotherapy helps you improve the way your body moves. Through treatment and education, physiotherapists can help reduce your pain levels, improve your strength, maximize your level of function, and ultimately allow your body to move the best it possibly can.

Physiotherapy allows you to optimize the full potential of your body.

Physiotherapy allows you to understand how to MOVE BETTER.

Coming soon!!

Coming soon!!


Neuro Therapy

Neurophysiotherapy is dedicated to the rehabilitation of physical impairments caused by neurological conditions. Many patients with neurological injuries suffer from weakness, changes in balance, and a loss of function that can drastically impact daily life. Physiotherapy aims to help you get back to doing the things you love to do.

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Pelvic floor rehab is a type of physiotherapy that aims to help individuals experiencing issues such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and lower back pain. Pelvic floor physio addresses muscular imbalances that might be occurring between your pelvic floor and the other muscles that surround your pelvis and core. Many people think that “kegel” exercises are the solution, when in reality, the exercises may be done the wrong way. This is where a pelvic floor physiotherapist will teach you how to regain control through strength and muscle balancing!

Sport Rehab

Sports injury rehab is appropriate for anyone who is active, whether you’re a weekend warrior or an Olympian. Everyone deals with injuries at any level. Injuries can be related to joint or muscle conditions, pre- or post-operative interventions, acute or chronic impairments. Physiotherapy can help you return to play after an injury through sport-specific treatment plans. We will work with you to meet your goals to get you back on the field, ice, track, court, gym, etc.