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Before Running Assessment: You are looking to run more efficiently, you may be running through pain or discomfort. You hear all the “experts” give out running tips and think, “should I be doing this better?” After Running Assessment: You have concrete video analysis, information on how to improve your running form, exercises to improve your strength and endurance. Overall it will make you a better runner and make you enjoy it more.

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All the goodies

you’ll get from our Running Assessment

Running Shoe on WhatsApp Video Analysis of running technique

Running Shoe on Facebook 4.0 Functional Movement Analysis

Running Shoe on Apple iOS 14.6 Advice on shoes and footware

Running Shoe on emojidex 1.0.34 Specific recommendations to improve running technique

Running Shoe on JoyPixels 6.5 Strength and Mobility Assessment

Running Shoe on Messenger 1.0 Strength and mobility program emailed after assessment

OK Hand on Facebook 4.0 Running Assessment is claimable through EHC plans

Bank on Messenger 1.0 Direct Billing to most insurance plans

Face with Medical Mask on Facebook 4.0 Covid-19 safety procedures in place

To book online, first select Juliana Bergin as the Physiotherapist, and then select “Running Assessment” from the treatment options.

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What is included in a running assessment?

A running assessment will include gait analysis, strength and mobility testing, shoe analysis, and discussion of your training program. At the beginning of the assessment, we will talk about your goals related to running, your current running program, any concerns you have related to your running, and your injury history. We will analyze your running gait from multiple angles and show you adjustments you can make to improve your stride. We use a video analysis program that allows us to break down your technique and give you immediate feedback and corrections. Your strength and mobility as it pertains to running will be assessed, and an individualized exercise program will be created to increase your efficiency and reduce your risk of injury. Bring your current training program, all running shoes that you use, 2 different colour t-shirts, and shorts that are a different colour than your shirts (if possible- this is to make it easier to see alignment in the video analysis).

We strive to help you Run Better, and our clients agree

“I have recently had the pleasure to work with Juliana at Bergin Motion. Coming off of a knee arthroscopy she has helped me progress to “good as new”.

The practice is SAFE and well run. With online appointment reminders and direct billing it’s a super convenient.I highly recommend giving this family run business your business!”

– Client from Google Review

“Juliana and the Bergin Motion team go above and beyond in their daily treatments. I not only feel at home, but I know that I’m in good hands and have noticed considerable difference with my injuries since attending … Juliana also prescribed a range of motion exercises tailored to my specific needs. These exercises were and are still very helpful and effective. Highly recommend Juliana and her family for any physiotherapy treatment.

– Client from Google Review

*Results vary and are not guarenteed.*

Meet our Running Assessment Physiotherapist

Juliana Bergin


Juliana studied Physical Health and Education at the University of Toronto, where she played varsity soccer and competed in the heptathlon for the varsity track and field team. She completed her Masters in Physiotherapy at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. Since beginning her career in physiotherapy, Juliana has worked with people of all ages and abilities, including athletes at the national and international level, varsity and club level, and para athletes. She spent the last few years as the physiotherapist for the Western University track and field/cross country program before making the move back to her home town of Barrie. Juliana has also travelled internationally with the Hill Academy girls lacrosse team out of Vaughn. You may see her dog Henley around the clinic, or out for a run around Barrie with Juliana. Juliana still plays soccer and runs, competing in several road races a year.

About Us

Bergin Motion is a family run physiotherapy clinic in Barrie, ON. Our mission is simple, to get you moving better. Through more effective movement and body function you are able to do more of what you love rather than focusing on pain and imobility.

Our clinic specializes in complex neuro injuries, orthopedic conditions, pelvic floor therapy, and sports rehabilitation. Call us today for a better tomorrow for you.

Ready to book? Our online booking platform makes it easy for anyone to book an appointment within minutes. You may also give us a call if you have any questions regarding physiotherapy and if it is right for you.

Simply select Juliana as a practitioner and choose the running assessment. 

We offer direct billing to most insurance providers. The running assessment can be cover by extended health care benefits.



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