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Pelvic floor physiotherapy is not just for women. Many men suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles and do not realize it. This weakness can have several negative consequences for men, including urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and even sexual dysfunction. Men may be embarrassed to seek help for this condition, but there are treatment options available that can help restore the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

What Causes Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles in Men?

Men do not experience pregnancy or childbirth, which are leading causes of weakened pelvic floor muscles. However, other causes contribute to weak male pelvic muscles. These causes include:


As men age, their pelvic floor muscles naturally weaken

Prostate surgery

Surgical removal of the prostate can cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles


Trauma to the pelvis can cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles

Heavy lifting

Lifting heavy objects can put a lot of strain on the pelvic floor muscles

Sitting for long periods

Prolonged sitting can cause the pelvic floor muscles to become weak

What Are the Effects of Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles On Men?

Several negative consequences can occur when the pelvic floor muscles become weak in men. Some of these effects include:

Urinary incontinence

Leaking urine involuntarily

Fecal incontinence

Leaking stool involuntarily

Erectile dysfunction

Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

Low libido

Reduced sex drive

Urinary urgency

The desire for frequent urination.

How Do Men Seek Treatment for Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles?

A pelvic floor physical therapist is the best option to seek treatment for weakened pelvic floor muscles in men. The therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the weakness and develop a personalized treatment plan to address the issue.

Treatment may include exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, electrical stimulation, and biofeedback.

Other treatment options include:

Weight loss

Reducing the amount of strain on the pelvic floor muscles by losing weight can help to improve muscle strength.

Kegel exercises

Exercises that focus on contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles can help to improve muscle tone and control.


Medications help improve muscle strength, such as anticholinergic medications or alpha-blockers.


In some cases, surgery can correct damage to the pelvic floor muscles. It would help if you considered surgery last only when all other options are exhausted.



Pelvic floor physiotherapy is an excellent treatment option for men suffering from weakened pelvic floor muscles. The therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation and develop a personalized treatment plan to help improve muscle strength and function. Several other treatment options are available that can help improve the condition.

With the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist, men can regain control over their urinary and sexual function and improve their overall quality of life.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with weakened pelvic floor muscles, talk to your doctor or a pelvic floor physical therapist.

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